Healthy Business Traveller - Travel Fit (Gatwick South)

Healthy Business Traveller - Travel Fit (Gatwick South)

Posted on behalf of Executive Travel Vitality (Extravitality)

When you travel on business, do you feel you can't achieve and maintain a level of fitness you desire?  Do you suffer from jet lag, work stress, travel fatigue, muscle strain, poor quality sleep, and weight-gain from en route unhealthy lifestyle patterns?

Exercise not only keeps you physically fit, but it also increases your energy levels, boosts your immune system, improves productivity, reduces stress and helps to alleviate jet lag. 

Yet despite this, it’s often the first thing to be dropped when you’re out of your normal routine and travelling for business. Travel delays, client meetings, business dinners, plus routine work from your home location can leave you with little apparent time to work-out.  The result is at a time when you need to be on top of your business game you quickly become tired, your decision-making process slows, and your working day lengthens. 

However, with some expert guidance, advanced planning and creativity, exercise can become an enjoyable component of your business journey.

Our Healthy Business Traveller - Travel Fit workshops have been specifically designed to support those who travel on business and enable them to travel more healthily and productivity.  Run by our expert Travel Fitness Trainer, Julie Dennis, attendees will benefit by discovering how easy it can be to incorporate exercise into their business travel day.

So, come along to this fitness session and learn:

- How fitness opportunities at the airport will reduce your travel stress.

- What to expect from the hotel gym (with a quick demonstration of the equipment at the venue's gym).

- The best fitness apps to inspire, motivate and ensure your health gets as much as attention as your business when you’re travelling.

 - The secret to packing your own lightweight travelling gym so you can exercise when and where its convenient for you.

 - Three, five minutes, workouts that can be done at any time of day whatever your fitness level to keep you in great shape while travelling for business

Attendees also receive a complimentary delegate pack, including a copy of our Healthy Business Travel guidebooks featuring your preferred airport (worth £14.99). What's more, our classes are conveniently held at several UK airport's, and we have pre-arranged special hotel prices if you need to stay overnight before continuing your business trip.

26 Nov 2018 at 9:30am
until 26 Nov 2018 at 12:00pm
South Terminal

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