Healthy Business Traveller - Healthy Travel Options (Gatwick South)

Healthy Business Traveller - Healthy Travel Options (Gatwick South)

Posted on behalf of Executive Travel Vitality (Extravitality)

Business travellers report a poorer health status than their office-based colleagues, including higher weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and lipids making the business traveller more at risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes. All these conditions are influenced by what we eat. Those who fly long haul also have a higher likelihood of sleep deprivation which may lead to additional hormonal and physiological changes increasing the risk further.

It’s hardly surprising that business travellers are at higher risk. We endure all sorts of changes to our usual daily routine when travelling on business, the disruption to our usual work patterns, as well as our lifestyle choices. Frequent flying means leaving our familiar meals behind, replacing them with a new set of foods en route.

We also often neglect to consider our changing nutritional needs usually due to reduced activity levels; meals become irregular or too frequent if travelling long-haul and adapting to a new time zone. If experiencing a high degree of stress already, then travel fatigue, additional work pressures and anonymity make it easy to lose any reside resistance to the readily available and universally less healthy food options. It’s hard to maintain a healthy diet let alone consume one which will enable us to work more productively, sleep better and feel more comfortable en route.

However, with some expert guidance, advanced planning and creativity, eating healthily can become an enjoyable component of your business journey.

Our Healthy Business Traveller  – Healthy Options workshops have been specifically designed to support those who travel on business and enable them to travel more healthily and productivity. Run by our expert Travel Dietitian and Registered Nutritionist, Deborah David and Registered Nutritionist, Kathy Lewis, attendees will benefit by discovering how easy it can be to incorporate healthier eating into their business travel day.

So, come along to this healthy eating session and learn:

• All about the nutritional aspects of healthy travel diet for the frequent traveller

• Tips for healthy eating on-the-go: identifying and navigating the pitfalls

• Planning your travel needs: how to stay on track

• Healthier grab and go snacks

• Travel food options for better sleep, comfort and mental performance.

• Special dietary requirements: food allergies/ intolerances

• Food safety and hygiene issues to prevent the dreaded travel tummy

• Smart travel gadgets to help you travel well

Attendees also receive a complimentary delegate pack, including a copy of our Healthy Business Travel guidebooks featuring your preferred airport (worth £14.99). What's more, our classes are conveniently held at several UK airport's, and we have pre-arranged special hotel prices if you need to stay overnight before continuing your business trip.

26 Nov 2018 at 2:00pm
until 26 Nov 2018 at 4:00pm
Hilton Hotel
South Terminal

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