Healthy Business Traveller - 50 ways to reduce travel stress (Gatwick North)

Healthy Business Traveller - 50 ways to reduce travel stress (Gatwick North)

Posted on behalf of Executive Travel Vitality (Extravitality)

Frequent business travellers have a higher level of stress than non-frequent business travellers.  A study commissioned by the Institute of Travel Management (ITM) found frequent travellers had psychological well-being scores typical of the bottom 40% of performers at work.  Additional research shows a significant proportion of frequent business travellers are becoming burnt out.  Over two-thirds of those who cited feeling burnt-out report the wear and tear of business travel cause them to be less effective during and right after their trip.

There are many factors during business travel which create strain and as the strain accumulates, anxiety and depression about travelling increases, leading to maladaptive behaviours, impacting on psychological and physical health.  The ability to concentrate and remain productive when travelling on business declines. As business travellers become less effective during and after their trip, they become less satisfied with the outcomes of their journey, leading to lower satisfaction in their job and work-life balance.

However, with some expert guidance, advanced planning and creativity, travelling can become a more enjoyable and productive component of your business life.

Our Healthy Business Travel – 50 ways to reduce travel stress workshops have been specifically designed to support those who travel on business and enable them to do so more healthily and productively.  Run by our expert Travel Stress Management Consultant, Kathy Lewis, attendees will benefit by discovering how easy it can be to incorporate stress reduction techniques into their business travel life.

So, come along to our 50 ways to reduce travel stress session and:

  • Expand your understanding of which travel-based factors will impact on your psychological wellbeing.

  • Gain an insight into how travel stress can manifest itself.

  • Identify relevant coping methods which work best for you and your travel schedule.

  • How to remove potential stressors from future business travel.

  • Planning your travel needs: how to manage your work-travel pressures and work-life balance.

  • Smart travel gadgets and apps to help you travel more productively while reducing the strain.

Attendees also receive a complimentary delegate pack, including a copy of our Healthy Business Travel guidebooks featuring your preferred airport (worth £14.99). What's more, our classes are conveniently held at several UK airport's, and we have pre-arranged special hotel prices if you need to stay overnight before continuing on your business trip.



18 Mar 2019 at 9:30am
until 18 Mar 2019 at 12:00pm
Hampton by Hilton at Gatwick Airport
Longbridge House

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