Hack for good with Cyber Prevent Police Officers

Hack for good with Cyber Prevent Police Officers

Posted on behalf of STEM Ambassador Hub South East England - Surrey and Sussex Region

STEM Sussex and the Cyber Prevent Police Officers within the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU) would like to invite you to join us at this Learn and Network event.

1)      Cyber Prevent

There is an acknowledged global skills shortage looming, with an estimated shortfall of 1.8 million cyber security experts by 2020. The UK is in a prime place to fill much of that gap if we take the opportunity and divert talented young people into cyber careers.

You will hear from Cyber Prevent Police Officers within the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit (SEROCU) - a joint unit covering the Hampshire, Thames Valley, Sussex and Surrey Police force areas. SEROCU sit at the level between those forces and the National Crime Agency, dealing with complex and organised crime, alongside the delivery of niche and specialist capabilities to the forces. That’s where our Cyber Crime Unit fit in.

Cyber Prevent Officers:

  • Deliver the Prevent message to a wide audience and try to ensure nobody heads down the path into cyber-crime by highlighting career opportunities

  • Identify those at risk of committing cyber offences, educate them about the Computer Misuse Act and divert them into positive pathways, education and a legitimate career

  • Deter those who have already committed cyber offences from further offending and provide positive direction for the future (the average age of arrest for a cyber offence is 17!)

  • Manage the highest risk cyber offenders to prevent further offending

The Cyber Prevent team want to work with partners within education and industry who are willing and able to support our objectives. This may be by offering positive engagement and diversionary activity such as:

  • Work experience opportunities

  • Apprenticeships

  • Mentoring

  • Education for cyber talented young people, their parents and carers. 

You will find out more about their work as well as what to do if you identify anyone gifted and talented who may benefit from diversionary work and signposting into an exciting cyber security career. We will highlight resources for self-development, teaching materials for cyber security, workshop opportunities and how we are encouraging poorly represented demographics including neurodiverse and female candidates into this field. This is the ideal opportunity for the UK and for UK individuals to pave the way.

2)      Cyber Protect

50% of all crime last year was cyber crime

50% of SME’s fold within 6 months of a cyber attack.

Cyber crime cost the UK £27 billion last year

Cyber crime is committed by a massive cross-section from state actors to a teenager in their bedroom

The motivation is rarely money – it is often reputation, competition, destruction of data or simply for the lolz 

The Cyber Protect team from SEROCU will teach you about cyber security for both your business and yourself. Learn about the latest threats and trends in cyber security and what you need to teach your staff to keep your business cyber secure. From your antivirus needs to a vishing attack, you will get a whistle-stop tour of the basics and where to learn more. We will also explain how to keep your accounts secure, maintain business resilience and the need for cyber security drills.

You can also find out how to arrange a free cyber security presentation for your own business.

Please make sure you enter your full name when booking and NO drop ins will be allowed due to security reasons. Only names on the booking list will be allowed to enter the venue. Thank you very much for you understanding.

09 Jul 2018 at 5:30pm
until 09 Jul 2018 at 7:00pm
Civil Aviation Authority
Gatwick Airport South, Aviation House

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